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Opportunities for talented select players to participate with Lazio Youth in Italy.  All experiences include meeting Lazio 1st Team players.


-- New Years 4 day camp that includes Stadio Olympico & locker room Tour before watching the Serie A match.


Week summer camps
-- By the seaside

-- Formello where Lazio trains during the season

-- In the Italian alps together with the 1st teams pre-season camp.


If interested indicate on the survey or email

Experience Calcio in Italy

Guardian Authorization

As a parent/guardian of the above mentioned athlete, I hereby give approval to his/her participation in any and all camp activities during the time enrolled in the camp. I assume all risk and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from all activities: and do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the staff, camp organizers, camp owners, counselors, participants, providers, field provider, location owner, and camp staff for any claim arising out of any injury to the player during camp activities. I understand the physical nature of the sport and waive any right to sue an owner/staff member/ or sponsor for any injury that occurs on the field premises. I give permission to use all photos, audio and/or video recordings of the materials and all descriptions or summaries that may include the above mentioned athlete obtained during the camp.  I grant permission to managing personnel or other camp representatives to authorize and obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital, or medical clinic should the above child become ill or injured while participating in any camp activities away from home or at other times when neither parent is available to grant authorization for emergency treatment. I have my own personal insurance that my child is covered under. My child has insurance and any claim arising out of an injury incurred at Lazio Soccer Camp will be covered by my family’s personal insurance.  I authorize camp personnel to transport or guide my son or daughter to a safe location in the event of a storm until parent or guardian can make arrangements to pick up the child. Parents will be informed about where the child is to be taken (i.e. into the school). 


Due to the advance commitment of camp costs, there will be no refunds after July 1st.  This includes, but is not limited to inclement weather, etc.  In case of inclement weather or field conditions determined by the field owner, the camp director reserves the right to reduce the time of the camp and/or postpone or delay session times and/or cancel sessions.  Every effort will be made to complete all sessions.

To Bring

Campers are requested to bring a snack to enjoy during a morning break, a packed lunch, and water.  The camp will provide extra water if needed.  Please also bring a soccer ball.

Carolinas - USA 

Soccer Trainings

July 25th - Aug. 5th 2016


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